Part Time Golf. Full Time Passion.

The brand for the part time player in all of us.

Created with a love of the game.

Part Time Golf Company (PTG Co) is a lifestyle brand focusing on the casual golfer with a passion for the game. From Wall Street to the job site, the country club to the public course, it’s the brand symbolizing the player we all strive to be. PTG Co’s signature headwear has captured the interests of celebrities, athletes and PGA Tour players, but remains a brand created and true to the Part Time Golfer in all of us – with a true passion for the game. 


Bill Murrary Rocks It

AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am

One of our first hat designs with the icon logo on a plaid hat makes it all the way to the head of none other that the Bill F’in Murray. We met up after his round for a beer and a shot – we remember some of it. 

Brent Long Takes 3rd

The Big Break Mexico

Brent Long from Carthage, Tennessee brings Part Time Golf Co. to the reality TV world. He goes 11 episodes wearing what went on to become our most popular hat featuring a new MLB inspired logo. The Golf Channel has called it the “coolest logo in golf”.

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